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Dave started his carreer as a night club DJ and started D M
Productions in 1998 mixing music for the world Dance championships
as well as the South African body building championships. Dave is a
camera operator, Jib operator, editor, music editor and director
Petrus started his carreer as a forensic photographer for the SAP. He
then started a company specializing in slide show production’s. In
1990 he was involved with the pilot production of Noot for Noot and
remained with them until he joined D M Productions in 2003. Petrus is a
lighting specialist, a camera operator as well as a video editor.
Tristyn does live productions and can operate cameras when needed.
She has been with D M Productions for 2 years
Elvis is a freelance camera man and started with D M Productions in
Wim is a script writer as well as a producer/director. Wim handled the
Standard bank account for 30 years doing all their training  videos,
promotional videos as well as their television  adverts. Wim has  been
working with D M Productions for the past 7 years.
Ryan is an editor, camera operator as well as a sound engineer.
Ryan specialises in music videos, adverts, presentation videos and
has been with D M productions for 2 years
Fortune has a passion for film making and has just recently joined
D M Productions as a script writer
Marius joined D M Productions in 2003 after finishing college.
Marius is a camera operator, dolly and track operator, live mixing,
video editor and specialise in 3D animations